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Reyven Contracting is Perfect For Your Next Project

Reyven Contracting is a veteran owned and operated Residential & Commercial Contracting company in Boerne, Texas who serves the contracting needs of the community, San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Whether it is exterior, interior renovations and remodels or new construction, commercial construction, home improvement and site preparation services, our team of experts are fully equipped with the tools, resources and experience required to meet your project’s needs.

Our company is licensed and insured so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your project.

Here at Reyven, we follow three simple principles:

  • Be Honest
  • Provide the Highest Quality of Service & Project Execution
  • Remain Accountable to the Client

We focus on creating enduring relationships and being the number one leader as a trusted Home & Commercial Improvement service company in Boerne, San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Your complete satisfaction is the only true measurement of a job well done!

When you hire our professional contracting and home improvement services, rest assured you will receive the highest level of customer service – the kind of customer care you deserve and need. Get in touch with a Reyven Contracting representative today and discover the advantages of working with our dependable company.


Meet the owner: Jonathan Reynolds

Jonathan got into the contracting business by pursuing his passion. He enjoys the construction process and loves seeing people’s ideas come to life. For him, he saw a need for quality, reputable contractors in Boerne and North San Antonio and took the initiative to find the best solution – Reyven Contracting!

See, Jonathan knew how to manage large projects and employees effectively, he just wanted to provide customers who were in need of professional construction services with a better option.

After deciding to start his own small business in 2017, Reyven Contracting Company, Jonathan was able to focus its direction toward large remodeling and renovation over the course of several years. Through word of mouth, exceptional quality to detail and fantastic customer service, Reyven Contracting has grown to be a reputable provider of professional contracting services for the greater Texas Hill Country in Boerne and San Antonio.

Having forged his own path in the contracting and construction industry, Jonathan’s journey allows him to continue enjoying the end results that come from hard work and ingenuity. He loves dealing with a diverse range of people and a variety of work that contracting provides. Jonathan says, “it is a great feeling of accomplishment the take someone’s ideas and raw materials, and turn them into something beautiful that customers can enjoy for years to come.”

“Many of the reviews I read of other contractors stated how unreliable they were and that the work was sub-par. I felt that my background in sales and management would give me and advantage, since I knew how to deal with customers by putting their needs at the forefront."
- Jonathan Reynolds

We strive to build relationships, feel free to send us a message but a phone call is always best!

Get in touch to learn more about our process and see how we can bring your ideas to life.

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